Ginger Cat Personality

Rodger, our Ginger Cat

After saying that a cat sleeps for about eighteen hours a day, it doesn’t really leave it any time to do much else.

When a cat is asleep, it isn’t like when a person sleeps.  I envy cats as they have the tendency to sleep with one eye open, being fully aware of what is going on around them.

During their ‘cat naps’, the slightest movement, or the slightest noise, will make them open both eyes almost immediately.  They have this uncanny ability to become alert in next to no time.

If you have a guard dog, this would be ideal.  Should somebody try to break into your home, the dog would set off the alarm.

Rodger on our bed
Rodger on our bed

In the case of a cat, well, this doesn’t quite work out the same way.

Typically, a cat will wake up, yawn, and stretch a few times, then, as his first priority, will trundle over to his food and drink dishes.  The burglar can do as he pleases as far as the cat is concerned.  After that, the cat will most probably go back to sleep, annoyed at being woken up.

Naughty Ginger

He’s been banned for coming into our bedroom when we’re asleep.  This is because he has a different opinion when it comes to movements when we are in the Land of Nod.

He has this rather annoying habit of going for our toes, or fingers, when you least expect him to.   After being told off enough times, he ends up having cushions and pillows flung at him on many occasions.  For a moment he does go away, but only to come back again soon after to be a pest once more.

The only option we have is to close the bedroom door, and hope he doesn’t scratch at it all night wanting to come in.

Ginger Cats Temperament

He waits behind our bedroom door, ready to sneakily zoom in when he hears a noise coming from inside.  For him, any type of noise means somebody’s awake, and the bedroom door’s about to be opened.  This would be his signal to try and charge in.

As it would have it, it’s not the first time I needed a drink during the night.  In total darkness, after bumping into something and waking up the whole neighborhood with a silent scream, I go into stealth-mode.  The cat must not get by me… at all costs.   I have, on many occasions, scratched myself against the door while applying my Ninja tactics in order to open and close it as quickly, and as silently, as possible.

Unfortunately, sometimes he does manage to get in, only to go and jump on the bed, in my precious space!  If he’s in one of his playful moods, he gets off the bed and makes his way under the bed.  This can be quite tiring at a ghastly hour, especially when he doesn’t want to come out.

He has his own huge and comfortable bed, and he’s lucky to have his favorite toys beside it.  Here, he can do what he wants, how he wants, and when he wants, to his heart’s content.   He even has his scratching pole there so he can dig his claws in it.

But no, all his cat things aren’t as much fun as jumping on our bed, or hiding underneath it, and refusing to come out.

Ginger Cat Facts

I can understand the reason behind all his actions after all, as he loves company, which is lovely.  The problem is that at times he forgets himself and can just be that little bit naughty, which spoils it for him, and for those around him.

It is fine when we’re getting up, but it’s not fine when we want to get to sleep.

In winter, it’s not so bad since we’re all covered up, but in summer it’s nothing short of blue murder.  The heat in our bedroom can become quite unbearable.  Ideally, the bedroom window would be open, and so would the bedroom door.  This allows a nice cool night breeze to flow through.

With the bedroom door having to be kept closed because of our offending ginger fur-ball, there is no breeze present.  Since we don’t have an a/c installed, we have to resort to using fans instead.  Air conditioning was never a major concern before, but now, we have to think about things from a different perspective.  It’s either an a/c, or a total melt-down.

Living with a Cat

It would be so much easier if when we’re asleep, he is, and when we’re up, he is as well.

However, it doesn’t quite work out like that, as I know cats follow their instinct to survive; to hunt at night – since cats are basically nocturnal.  Having said that, a domestic cat

Rodger asleep
Good night, Rodger

doesn’t have to practice these actions, but Rodger still does.  Even though he’s got all the food, attention, and the toys he could ever wish for, but that doesn’t seem to be enough.

The remainder of his day is spent loafing about on the sofa, downstairs where it’s cooler, under, or on our bed.  Occasionally, he surfaces to go and grab a bite to eat, drinks a few gulps of fresh water, and goes to visit his litter box.

After that, he goes back to sleep – surprise, surprise.

In the evening, when it’s time for us to call it a day, he manages to rush in our bedroom before we can get there, and takes up position for play, under the bed!  This has become a daily party-trick.

When he refuses to come out, we resort to other means.  One is the ‘Pokey-Stick’, and the other, as a last resort,  is food – the ultimate temptation.  We motivate him by offering him his favorite treats, Whiskas Temptations.  He loves these treats and he usually runs out from under the bed to nibble on a few, giving us enough time to close the door behind him.

I’m not sure what he sees in them, but he goes crazy whenever he hears their box being rattled.  This is a sure way of getting his attention.  So far, it’s never failed.

I don’t give him many at one go as I don’t want Rodger to become a fat cat.

At the moment, he’s just nicely rounded, and cuddly!

Good night world, and good night, Rodger!

2 thoughts on “Ginger Cat Personality”

  1. Oh, we here are all in love with Ginger. Mama had one like that he was naughty but nice, too. And I am a Tuxie, as you know, and lucky for mama and papa, I sleep the whole night between mama’s knees or cuddled behind her knees and LOVE it. I eat at the same time as they do, sleep at the same time as they do and I like my glass of water nearby when they are having a pre-dinner glass of vino!!! We love your blog and all the wonderful info you give us. THANK you, Merci. And thanks for visiting us every now and then. If mama didn’t have a Tuxie, she would surely have a ginger kitty.

    • Rodger is the first Ginger cat we’ve ever had. I never imagined that this one would be so different from the other cats. It was amazing, but also amusing. And to think that initially I thought that ALL cats were the same…how wrong I was! We’ve never had a Tuxie, and I have to say that you do look very elegant and classy in your coat. Your mama and papa are very lucky you adopting their sleep patterns 🙂 Rodger has to be different, otherwise, he wouldn’t be Rodger. We make sure his water and food dishes are always topped up. He has a dish for his meaty pouches, and one for his dry food, so he has a nice choice, and before we go to sleep, he has some of his favorite treats for being a good boy. I must come over to your blog and see what you’ve been up to… and thank you for saying those nice comments about my blog 🙂 Merci…

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