Easy to Clean Cat Litter Box, and also Economical

Finally, an easy to clean litter box, which is also economical.

You have been there, and done it.  You wish you didn’t have to go there and do it, but if you must, then at least you can do it the right way.  This is an easy to clean cat litter box, and also economical.

With this box, you have the best of both worlds.

Those are two words which  sound like music to my ears whenever it’s time to do the dreaded deed – cleaning the litter box.

I love my cat.  He’s a good cat, well, most of the time anyway, but love him as I do, cleaning the box isn’t something I look forward to.

Now, all that’s changed, thanks to this revolutionary product.  It is:

  • EASY!

Surely, what else can somebody want from life?  This product is as good as magic.

It’s known as the Luuup Litter Box.

It’s so simple, such an easy to clean litter box, you just have to see it to believe it.

The Luuup Easy to Clean Litter Box in just a few words:

  • Easy to Clean: cleaning your litter box takes seconds. Say goodbye to scoops and liners.
  • Non-Stick & Antimicrobial: Make hygiene a priority & keep your home odor-free
  • Economical: Save big on litter!
  • Premium Quality: Designed with durable, pet-safe materials, our large litter box is built to last. With a sleek, modern design that’s a seamless match for the modern home.

With all the above at your disposal, I think it’s a really neat and cool deal.  You really can’t go wrong.

Luuup - The Litter Box Reinvented

Luuup – The Litter Box Reinvented

from: Luuup Inc.

While the video says it all, still, here are the four steps to the whole process:

  • Add the cat litter to an approximate depth of about three to four inches.  This is so that the litter level will be able to clump liquids before they reach the bottom of the tray.
  • For best results, please You sift once a day, depending how many cats are using the litter box.  Ideally, it is recommended you have a litter box for each cat in your family.
  • Re-assemble again, making sure the trays are aligned properly.
  • Top up the litter once more, and you’re good to go.  SIMPLE!

Luuup – The Litter Box ReinventedLuuup - The Litter Box Reinvented
from: Luuup Inc.


What litter works best with Luuup?

It is suggested that this product is used with clumping or crystal litter.  From feedback, Luuup found that some brands of litters do perform better than others.  These are: Arm & Hammer Slide, World’s Best Cat Litter, Pretty Litter, and Mimi Litter.

It’s not suggested using wheat pine, walnut based litters, or other products which are not effective at clumping, as these can cause sticking issues.

Sticking litter/Clogged slots

If you find that your litter turns into concrete, or sticks, then you are not the only one.

Ideally, use a fair amount of litter to minimize it sticking.  This amount exceeds that which most people normally add to a box.  Topping the clumping litter to about three or four inches for best results, and this cleaning done on a daily basis.  You won’t be wasting any, as the good litter will still sift through the holes, to be used again.

Tip: It’s not recommended to sift or scoop the litter before the clumps have had enough time to set.

What are the dimensions of the litter box?

The dimensions are 15.4 inches by 20.2 inches by 5.2 inches (7.5 inches with the spill guard)

Leaking from the bottom

When cleaning, always be careful to only lift the top tray when.  At the same time, keep a firm grip on the bottom trays when stacking, being gentle not to damage the stacks.  During sifting, do not disturb the seal Disturbing in the bottom pan, which can lead to litter leaking.  When stacked properly, the Luuup should not leak.

Tip: Spread the litter in the Luuup after cleaning to even out to even the weight, and keep the seal tight.

What if my cat loves to dig deep?

There should be enough litter in the box to soak up the waste before this touches the base of the tray.  If your cat disturbs the litter drastically, then the Luuup system isn’t suitable in the case of such cats.

The Advantages of using the Luuup easy to clean cat Litter Box

Luuup - The Litter Box Reinvented  It is Antimicrobial.  This helps with keeping your litter box fresh, and prolongs the life of the litter box.  When hygiene is a priority, and also keep your home odor-free.

Luuup - The Litter Box Reinvented It is Easy to Clean.  You’ll have this ‘delicate’ job done in no time, with more ease, and less mess.  You don’t even need to scoop anything out.

Luuup - The Litter Box Reinvented It is Economical.  This is because only the litter which needs to go is removed, while the good litter sifts through, saving you hard cash.

Luuup - The Litter Box ReinventedIt guards spills.  This is thanks to the spill guard which helps to contain litter, reducing clean-up efforts.

Designed with durable, pet-safe materials, this large litter box is built to last.   It boasts of a sleek, modern design that matches perfectly for the modern home.

There are no mechanical gadgets, no motors, no sensors, and nothing which can really go wrong, making it an idea cat litter box to boast about, and hard for the competition to beat for its price.

You really can’t go wrong…

Luuup - The Litter Box Reinvented

Out of over 3,300 reviews, 79% of them gave it the full FIVE STARS!  And these people were biased into anything. 

With  certainty, the best thing about this cat litter box is its sheer simplicity of operation, and most surely A GREAT BUY!

Luuup - The Litter Box ReinventedWill it be YOUR choice of Cat Litter Box too?


4 thoughts on “Easy to Clean Cat Litter Box, and also Economical”

  1. Hi James, I really want to say thank you for this post. This is such a great cat litter box and so much easier to clean by the looks of it especially when it’s freezing or raining outside as you would not need to go out and empty the litter and the cats business in the bin, you could just put the clumps into a bag and put them in the bin.

    I love the part at the top which stops the cat from getting the litter everywhere as I know our cat has more outside on the floor than what is in the litter tray. I would certainly buy this litter box if I was buying a new one for my cat Tootsie but she prefers going outside so doesn’t really use the litter tray. Thank you again for this.

    • Hi Cheryl.  You’re more than welcome for the post.  It’s me who should be thanking you for taking the time to pop in and have a read.   I have to say that it is a very neat invention, and who came up with the idea deserves a medal 🙂

      My cat does have a habit of making a mess all around his pan, and when he starts digging, there’s no stopping him.  I’m not quite sure where he intends to go, but when he’s in that frame of mind, there’s no stopping him. Tootsie’s quite fortunate that she can go outside to do her business.  As long as you know she’s safe, and not attempt to cross busy roads.

      Thanks again for stopping by…and for your kind words.


  2. Hi James
    Now this is really an amazing invention and as you said that person deserves a medal. This cat litter box looks very practical to use and you did a good job describing how to clean it. The video also shows it very nicely and I like the top that stops the cat from messing all over. I believe this article will benefit a lot of people and also convince them to buy it for their cats.

    Thanks for this nice article and take care!

    • Hi Nick!

      Yes, it is truly an amazing invention this.
      I was lucky to have come across it, and I just to write an article about it.
      It’s amazing that the best things in life can be so simple. I bet you thought I was going to say ‘Free’, but for the cost of this bin, it’s a really good price.
      It would be a great cat litter box to have, and I think that once ours has gone to meet its Maker, this is one cat litter box I’ll be getting for sure.

      Thank you very much for commenting here.

      Take care,

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