Cats – The Untold Story

Who, in their right mind…would own a cat?

To word that properly,  you don’t really own your cat.  It’s your cat who ends up owning you.  That includes your house, your favorite chair, your bed, your personal space, and everything else which you think belongs to you.

You feed him and you make sure he has enough water.  When he’s not feeling well, you take him to the vet, and what does he do for you in return?  Nothing, because all he does is sleep, eat, and use the litter box.  He scratches and bites you, not to mention anything about the most horrendous of smells he occasionally makes.  Is that because he is a male cat?

So how on Earth can a cat be loved, and why?

I had been trying to answer this question myself for a few years, but I haven’t managed to find just a single answer.

It boils down to being a question of emotions.

Cats come to you when they feel hungry.  When it’s cold they stay on your lap, but not because they are being affectionate, it’s because they want to absorb your body heat.  When you’re eating, or rustle a wrapper, you find them there too.  It seems like all they do is want something from you.

However, when you go home you find him waiting for you, that is, unless he’s asleep.  Cats can be loving creatures, even though at times they are a bit complex.  And yet, after all these things, if you go home and your cat isn’t waiting for you,  you think something awful must have happened.

When they are sick, you pray that they get well quickly.

You even end up paying astronomical vet bills to bring them back to health.  Sadly enough, when they eventually go to Cat Heaven, you shed more than just a tear.  Who’s a big softy?

So you see, there are various reasons why I’m drawn to our recent cat, Rodger.  He’s a pea-brain most of the time, and he just comes up and scratches me for no good reason.  He also has a tendency of hiding behind something, then grabs my ankles.  Without wanting to, I’ve often kicked him since he finds himself in front of my feet while I’m walking.  Afterwards I feel sorry for him, even though it’s his fault in the first place.  I did think about kicking him many times before, but never actually do, not intentionally anyway.

Of all the cats we’ve had in this house, Rodger, although being a happy cat, is the most plonker cat of them all.  Some say it’s because he’s a ginger.  That may be the case, as gingers are said to be temperamental.

Along the years, I’ve studied our cats, their behavior, their habits, their likes and dislikes.  I’ve talked to other cat owners who have had cats from the beginning of time, and I’ve also consulted with vets specialized in their fields.

All this has vastly increased my knowledge about cats, and the way I look at them.  My experiences with these fluffy, beloved and crazy creatures have enriched my life beyond my wildest of dreams.   It is with this insight in mind that I will share with you, along the way, my profound understanding of cats, and their poop.

James John

6 thoughts on “Cats – The Untold Story”

  1. Hello James!

    This was such a joyful reading! Thank you for telling about your thoughts and feelings about cats.

    I love cats too, still don’t have one myself, but both my parent and my sister have got cats and they are both unique. Yes, all cats are unique, but I especially love the cat of my parents. He was a cat without a home, straying around the house. They didn’t know where it came from. My father felt pity about it, being outside in the harsh and cold winter weather. The cat has lost his ear tips because of the cold. My father made a bed for him out of a blanket in the sheltered carport. My mother put out food for it. By the end of the summer the same year, the cat felt at home and stayed at my parents’ place. He is the cutest and friendliest little creature.

    You’ll certainly hear from me again, as the cat loving person I am.

    Best regards,

    • Hello, Pernilla!

      Thank you so much for writing such a delightful post.

      Yes, all cats are indeed unique, and I only really came to realize it after we had our second cat, many years ago. I thought all cats were the same, but I was so wrong. They are just like people, with temperament, likes, dislikes, and so many other unique qualities.

      I think your parent’s cat is very lucky to have been taken in. He must be really happy to be living in a good home, with plenty of food and warmth, when compared to his living conditions outside. Your winter weather can be very cold I imagine. It’s bad enough here, but it must be ten times worse over there. The poor thing. It’s a shame that it lost his ear tips because of the cold.

      Rodger was found roaming the streets by a vet’s assistant, who also happens to be a friend of the family. She asked us if we wanted to keep him, after he was cleaned up and neutered. We accepted, of course, and he was ‘baptized’ Rodger, which I think suits him just fine. After a couple of weeks his owners turned up, but seeing that he was well taken care of, they didn’t really ask for him back, so he’s become a part of the family 🙂

      Best regards,

  2. Hi James
    When I started reading this post I thought you didn’t like cats, especially since you wanted to write about their poop :).

    Anyway, I really enjoyed reading through this post because I like cats and I like to watch them from a distance and read about them. I’m allergic to cat hair and can’t come near them. My eyes will be swollen closed in a matter of minutes!

    I also didn’t know cats are so temperamental, I thought they were all the same. What I like about cats is that your house is quite safe from mice and snakes.

    Thanks again and take care!

    • Hi, Nick.

      Oh no, I like cats 🙂 I wouldn’t be writing about them if I didn’t, although I have to admit that having them in the house wasn’t originally my idea, but that of wifey. They do make good pets, and they can be really special, and it’s easy for one to get attached to them.

      Thank you for your kind comments about the post. I know others who are allergic to cat hair, and to be quite honest, I don’t know of anything that can change that. From what happens to you when you get close to one, it must be pretty bad.

      Oh yes, cats can be very temperamental. They can be as good as gold one second, then they totally lose it the next, and what triggers them into changing their mood is a total mystery. I thought they were all the same as well initially, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

      Well, I think that keeping your house safe from mice and snakes really depends on the cat’s mood at the time. The other day we had a little cockroach enter our house, and I thought Rodger would pounce on to it. It didn’t quite happen. He just sniffed at it, then walked away 🙂

      Thanks again for your post, Nick…and you too take care!


  3. Thank you James, for your lovley answer to my comment.

    It was also a delight to read more about your Rodger. He must also be very lucky to have found such a great home at your place. It’s so good to know that poor lost cats can find such great new homes.

    All the best,

    • Hi Pernilla!

      How nice to see you again here. It’s fun writing about Rodger and what he gets up to, that is when he’s not sleeping 🙂

      I tend to agree with you that he is very lucky to have found such a great home here. It’s a shame that not all cats out there are so lucky.

      I have a friend of ours who has FIFTY cats…do you believe that???

      Thanks again for popping in, Pernilla.


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