Do cats eat Catnip


Do cats eat catnip, and why do they like it so much? After I mentioned that our first cat tried to nibble at every plant she could reach, a friend suggested I give her some catnip.  I had never even heard about it, let alone buy any, but I decided to get some from our …

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How to calm a cat

Calm your cat

Keeping your cat calm is essential for its health and well-being. How to calm a cat is one step ahead in making sure it doesn’t get stressed out.  This could effect negatively its bowel movements.  Once this happens, you can expect bouts of diarrhea, and other complications, which will hit you like a ton of …

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Cats and Diarrhea

Rodger Relaxed

Can Stress Cause Diarrhea in Cats? Yes, as much as stress effects you and me regarding our toilet habits, stress can also cause diarrhea in cats. There are countless reasons why a cat might be stressed out.  This could be something simple, like changing the location of his  litter box.  Another cause could be moving …

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Cat Litter Box Cleaning Tips


Cat Litter Box Cleaning Tips go hand in hand with cat litter hygiene As cat owners, one of the worst chores to have to face is to clean up their waste.  This brings about questions and doubts regarding sanitary issues and the importance of cat litter hygiene.  Cat litter box cleaning tips will be covered …

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Litter Trays and Cats

Litter Trays and Cats

How to train a cat to use the litter tray When a cat has got to go, it just has got to go…but where?  Thank goodness, litter trays and cats go hand in hand. Where a cat does its business needs to be thought about carefully.  One of the great advantages of having a cat …

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Cat Litter, Cat and Health

AZ Cat Litter

How to tell if your cat is fine, or not? With this extraordinary type of litter, PrettyLitter, you finally can. Cat litter, cat and health, go together.  If you love your cat, then you really need this type of cat litter!  This is the next best invention for cats…so read on. Cats, being the mysterious …

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