Cat Litter FAQ

Cat Litter Frequently Asked Questions


How deep should the litter be?

Keeping it to a depth of about 2″, or 5cm is perfect.

How many boxes should I have?

This depends if you have more than one cat.  A good rule to follow is to have as many litter boxes as you have cats.

Where is the best place to put the litter box?

This takes some thought as your cat would like to do its thing in a quiet place, which is easily accessible.

Do not chose a location where:

it’s busy with human traffic;

it’s close to its food dishes;

it’s near noise, like a washing machine or any other noisy appliance;

you might feel the cat would be threatened;

it’s close to where the cat sleeps.

Should I use an open or a closed litter box?

It depends on your cat.  If it feels safe going in a closed litter box, then so be it.   But be wary, as many cats may feel ‘trapped’ in such a structure and won’t use it.

Can I use a self-cleaning litter box?

Yes, by all means, but you’ll have to see if your cat takes to it.  I would suggest that you don’t use one which is very noisy, and also to leave this on manual mode, which you can activate yourself when the cat is away from it.

Can I use Flushable cat litter?

You can, but YOU SHOULDN’T!  This is doing so much damage to the environment, and also killing seals, otters and even birds.

Why don’t cats who have been declawed enjoy using the litter box?

Because it hurts their paws.

How do you get your cat to drink more water?

Cats aren’t heavy on water drinking, and you can’t really force them to drink if they don’t want to.   A way to get your cat to drink more water, without it realizing it is doing so, is to put your kitty on a wet diet.  You can also add some water in their food dish, providing their food doesn’t become all soggy for them.

How should I dispose of cat litter?

Disposing of cat litter is a very touchy subject, but whatever you do, don’t flush it away.  The best way to dispose of cat litter is to put it in a bin bag, and trash it.





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