Cat Litter and Cat Kidney Failure

Cat Litter and Cat Kidney Failure

Kidney disease in cats is the most common of all the known diseases.  This can happen at any age, but as a cat gets older, the risk becomes greater.  Kidney failure affects approximately thirty percent of older cats. You can avoid your cat becoming sick by knowing well in advance he is not well.  You can actually do something before the symptoms start to show.   As the title implies, Cat Litter and Cat Kidney Failure, there is a way that cat litter can raise the alarm before things get bad.

The kidneys, which are part of the renal system, have the job of filtering impurities out of the blood and regulating water and blood levels.  When a cat has kidney failure, it means that the kidneys have lost their ability to do their job.  There are two types of kidney diseases, known as acute, and chronic.  Most times, both of these are referred to as a renal failure.  Both are life-threatening illnesses which require the immediate medical expertise.

One of the first things a vet needs to do is to distinguish what kind of renal failure the cat is suffering from.   This dictates what kind of treatment would need to be administered.  Mainly, the disease is termed acute if this has developed suddenly, and chronic, if it’s over the long term.  Acute renal failure can be reversible more commonly than chronic failure.

Cat litter and kidney failure
Kidney failure is common with elderly cats

What causes renal failure in cats

Many things can cause a cat’s kidneys to stop functioning as they should.  The most common cause is through the ingestion of poisons.   What is poisonous to a cat varies greatly.   This includes certain human medicines, cleaning fluids, certain plants – like lilies, and pesticides.

Cats in the wild are more at risk to ingest these items than a family pet.

Once a kitty has chronic kidney failure, unfortunately, there is no cure for this.  If dialysis or a transplant is not possible, then its future won’t be that promising.  This failure occurs when parts of the kidney gradually die off.  This results in these organs being rendered almost useless.  It’s not clear what causes this type of disease.  Experts in the field believe that inadequate nutrition is a leading factor.

Cat kidney failure symptoms

Listed below are the common symptoms of a kitty with chronic renal disease:

  • Loss of weight
  • Dehydration
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constant urination and thirst
  • Lack of activity

As opposed to chronic renal failure, acute renal failure happens suddenly.  This can be due to poisoning, infection, or triggered by a trauma.  There is no age factor involved here, and the failure is rapid.  Unfortunately, if immediate medical attention isn’t possible, the kitty might suffer, with death to follow.   If treated early enough, acute renal failure may be reversible.

Listed below are the common symptoms of a kitty with acute renal disease:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Lack of coordination and disorientation
  • Difficulty during urination

In either case of these diseases, both the cat and its owners go through an extremely difficult and trying experience.  When you suspect your kitty is suffering from either one of these failures, it’s important to disclose as much information as you can to your vet.  The more symptoms you tell your vet what your cat is displaying, the more this will help in distinguishing which type of failure your kitty is suffering from.

If the renal failure is caught at its very early stages, immediate treatment will most certainly help.  Many owners, even though they love their kitties to bits, don’t really know if their felines are sick until they display the symptoms listed above.  Sadly enough, by which time, their beloved pets could have gone beyond a point of no return, or the return trip back to health would be a long and difficult one for all concerned.

Cat litter and kidney failure 2

What if I was to tell you that Daniel Rotman had a kitty which passed away before its time, and he went to the ends of the Earth to develop a product that would warn cat owners of an illness with their cats, even before the symptoms above are evident?

An ingenious and innovate product is now available

That product, which can only be described as ingenious and innovative, saw the light of day to the general public in 2015.

It was given the name of PrettyLitter

This product perfectly fits in with the title, ‘Cat Litter and Cat Kidney Failure’, and can only be described as nothing short of a miracle, and it comes packed with so many advantages.  The first and foremost is that it can save your kitty’s life.  It also avoids your heart breaking, not to mention other negative side effects, including those dreaded financial burdens.

In the past, for those many cat owners who have lost their beloved kitties before their time, they would have probably been able to save them had this product been available to them back then.  If nothing could be done for those poor creatures, at least cats now stand a far better chance of being cured of this awful disease before it erupts into a full-blown disaster.

PrettyLitter is what its name implies, just litter, but it is probably the best cat litter available in this day and age.

This litter, which comes in a 4lb bag, is placed in your cat’s litter tray to be used like any other litter.  It might take a few sessions before your cat gets comfortable enough to start using it, but when kitty comes to do its business in it, the magic starts to work.

Pretty Litter

The white granules which make up this marvelous litter will change color, depending on the pH level of the cat’s wee.

Should the wee be normal, the wet patch will turn yellowish.  This signifies that there isn’t anything to worry about regarding your kitty’s health.

On the other hand, should this turn to Blue, Green or Red, it’s time to start doing something about it.  Make an appointment with your vet, and taking kitty over as soon as you possibly can.

PrettyLitter can literally be a lifesaver, and as it’s rightly said, “Prevention is better than cure”, especially in the case of cats who are famous for hiding their feelings.  With cats, you will only know they are not well when they start to display strange symptoms, but by then, whatever they have will be already advanced.

That sort of thing can now be a thing of the past, as this product can reveal your cat’s darkest secrets well before kitty knows them itself…all thanks to this ingenious life-saving product’

Love your cat like your cat deserves to be loved.

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  1. Hello James!

    The other day I read your blog about PrettyLitter. By having read this blog today I am even more convinced that this is a wonderful product, which literally can save life. As I told you in my last comment I don’t have a cat myself, but I love cats and especially the cat of my parents. He is the cutest pet I know. I can’t bear the thought him getting ill or feeling unwell. I will make my parents aware of being attentive to his behaviour. PrettyLitter is really a helpful and useful “tool” for detecting the cats health state.

    Glad I came across your website!


    • Hi there, Pernilla!

      It’s a really interesting product, I have to admit. It does what it says, which is all the more better, and if it can save a cat’s life, it’s more than brilliant. Cats are cute, can be quite temperamental at times, and they rule the home, but won’t be without one now. They’ve become an integral part of the family. At the moment we only have Rodger, but at one point, we had three in one go.

      Thank you for your kind comments about this site.


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