A to Z of Cat Litter

Cats, they have been around us for thousands of years, along with their stinky cat poop, and will still be around us for thousands of years to come.

They have ruled among the Gods, as the Egyptians very well know, and now, they rule in every home.

Bastet Cat Goddess (photo credit http://www.landofpyramids.org)

Cats are everywhere to be seen, and there are literally millions of them all over the world.

One thing all these cats must do, however, is their ‘business’, which is where this site comes in.

What goes in, in the form of food, must eventually come out.

The problem is the where, the how, and the complex mechanics behind this stinky operation!

Just imagine the sheer volume of poop, the weight, and the stench caused by all these millions of cats over thousands of years!

And, if that isn’t enough…

It is said that the Internet is made of cats.

Nonetheless, cats help the human race in more ways than one, and for many, they are indeed themselves a gift from the Gods.  Some might tend to think otherwise, but we won’t go there.

And, if that still isn’t enough…

The list of benefits of owning a cat is way too long to go into within this brief introduction.   But believe me, in very many cases, cats have indeed saved the day.  So it is no wonder that these kitties are loved so much.

Some cats are exceptionally special, and are referred to as therapy cats.  These are particular cats trained to help humans with some kind of problem, be it physical, as well as emotional.  Kitties make wonderful companions, especially for the elderly and the sick, as well as for children with particular needs.

Here, in this site, it all boils down to this…STINKY CAT POOP!

Yes, cat litter is covered here, along with cat litter health issues, both for cat owners, and the cats themselves.

Any questions you could possibly have regarding this stinky subject will be dealt with in great detail.

Believe it or not…

You’ll also come to find out why cats are being blamed for the destruction of the world, and also blamed for the decline in the population of seals and otters.

To find out how, click on the blog, and read on…

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